What's Your INPower Play?

What's Your INPower Play?

                                     Getting My INPower Play ONNN with the one and only LB

Got a question for you...what is your INPower Play?!

 WTF is a INPower Play?! 

Well, without getting too into the weeds about the rules of hockey (but happy to discuss every last detail if you are interested - I LOVE hockey), the power play is when one team has a clear and distinct advantage over the other. One team has 5 warriors on the ice while the other has 4. Power Play.

So..What is your INPower Play?! What do you do to claim your distinct advantage - your power in the moment. How do you settle into your opportunity, your day and leverage your strengths, skills, talents and energy to score big? 

My daily INPower Plays? People and Presence.

I connect with people who radiate beauty, soulful authenticity and who ignite my heart. I HUG! I Love all up on the people who make my life brighter (shout out to my girl L.B in the pic about #bestdayever) I create space to connect to the presence of the moment. To breathe. To get quiet and still. To restore and recharge. To focus on all that is right and elevate the experience of greatness. I focus on that which is whole and good.  I make space for my IN-Power Play! 

It is my sincere hope that you make time to discover your INPower Play! What makes you feel alive and sexy?! What makes your feel like the unstoppable force of awesomeness that you really are?! 

Need a little INPower Play boost!? Click the link below! A free little 10 minute anytime anywhere reset! 

Tap into your moment, INPower & Thrive! 

Loving the Breakdown | Loving the Breakthrough

Loving the Breakdown | Loving the Breakthrough

Even under the thickest could cover, the sun shines -always bright- just waiting for the rain to serve its purpose. Relish each and every breakdown. Love them and allow them to love you back. They are leading to a breakthrough, your brilliant blue sky, your next peak – all you have to do is believe it to be so and choose to make it real.

Stable. Open. Still. Fresh. Authentic. New Beginnings. Cleansing. Creative. Emerging. Courageous.

With just a few deep breaths and a few moments of stillness, you can make your breakdown a breakthrough.

Choose to breakthrough. Own and love your breakdown so you can move through and get on with loving your breakthrough. 

No Need to Dabble or Nibble | Dive Deep | Give and Receive

No Need to Dabble or Nibble | Dive Deep | Give and Receive

The world does not need more dabblers. There is no value in being a jack of no trade. The art of finding your highest level of performance, engagement, happiness, and health, the key to loving your life is the having the courage to go all in – to dive deep and to fall madly in love with each opportunity to give and receive. Tune in and connect with the magnitude and the potential that sits right there at the top of that inhale. Tap into your personal power, focus, creativity, intelligence, understanding, compassion and your unstoppable brightness. Allow your exhale to be an explosion of all that you are in this moment

BTW…HERE is Everything | HERE is All There Is

BTW…HERE is Everything | HERE is All There Is

Use the breath, to bring the mind and heart back HERE. Bask in your heart space. Get grounded, sit into the moment – settle into HERE and make it every bit as beautiful, kind and bright, as you deserve. No matter where HERE is for you – be HERE, fully present – engaged – in your moment – choose to feel fully HERE and now. Choose to feel full, happy, sad, content, energized, excited, still, relaxed, calm, at peace, choose to feel wherever HERE is for you. Be HERE. There is nothing to fear. It’s only life. 

Addicted to the Fix | The Process of Living Life in Full Bloom

Addicted to the Fix | The Process of Living Life in Full Bloom

Be an alchemist and focus on emerging, unfolding, blossoming and becoming more of you.  Integrate and design your internal and external spaces - and give yourself permission to release the need to fix. There is nothing to fix. There is only life to live – only moments – mere moment to enjoy as they are.  Do it. Reclaim your personal power and choose to love who you are as you are. Why wait? Why not you? Why not now?  

Intensity, Integrity & Authenticity | Finding Your Flow

Intensity, Integrity & Authenticity | Finding Your Flow

We can find a state of flow and get in the zone at any given moment. It is a choice. A choice to drop in, align intensity, integrity and authenticity and immerse with focus, energy, and passionate devotion to the breath – the present moment and what matters most to you.  Meditate, breathe deep, align and find your flow, get in the zone. Simple – but not easy. You are worth the work. 

Reverse Your Warrior || A Real Power Pose

Reverse Your Warrior || A Real Power Pose

True power. Real personal power. It is the art of knowing when to speed up and when to slow down. Knowing when to step on the gas and when to pump the breaks.  Living your authentic truth is owning your inner wisdom and knowing when it is time to push forward and charge the hill, and when it is time to rest and reverse the warrior.  

Why I meditate...And you Should Start!

I would not say I have necessarily gained anything from my daily meditations. I actually would say I have lost more than I have gained. I have lost my need to be constantly doing. I have lost my ability to self-sabotage. I have lost my ability to verbally abuse myself. I have lost my ability to push myself beyond my physical and emotional limits. I have lost my ability to under nourish myself in every possible way and on every level. 

I have only gained a deeper, more passionate and unconditional love for myself that allows me to experience more joy, peace and love than I ever thought possible.  I have gained a connection to a higher source of energy, passion and purpose – my true self.  But that’s all.

Meditation and mindfulness are super buzzy and all the rage these days. People from every walk of life have been touting the benefits of this ancient practice.   As a dedicated meditation practitioner, teacher and coach – I definitely drank the kool-Aid. Even though I discovered the benefits of yoga and mediation during an intense year of recovery, my well-conditioned mind fought like crazy to fall back on my old ‘work till I bleed’ patterns.  After all, this hard work and dedication served me well as an athlete up until that point, so it would be the same thing in recovery right?

Eh…not so much.

It took me several years to develop my dedicated practice. It started with a commitment to the act of stillness. Which for me, was HARD. I mean really hard. Painful. I am a doer. A go-getter. I have big dreams, high expectations and have always been a driven, disciplined and hardworking person.  And when it came to meditation, although I knew it required the same level of energetic investment, the act of not physically “doing” was one of the most challenging things I had ever experienced.

“How can I be getting anything done by just sitting here? I can’t get better if I don't WORK.”

 “There are so many things I could be getting done right now! “

 “I am wasting so much time just sitting!”

“I am completely unproductive right now! “

“I have so much to do today! “

These were all the things that used to run through my mind. In the beginning they would be enough to bring my mediation session to a screeching halt in less than 5 minutes.  I continued to struggle and refused to be “defeated by meditation!” Yes, I know, I can be so competitive.

So I enlisted a coach and teacher - a mentor, a guru - if you will.  I worked with many experts, explaining my struggles and was assured this was completely normal and part of the process. The work was sitting through these thoughts; releasing them and going deeper allowing my being to recuperate, restore and resurface. I had to trust that this could only happen when I was willing to stop distracting with all the trivial doing. 

It was hardly all rainbows and butterflies from there but as I remained true to my commitment to recovery and health, I started to notice very subtle shifts in my energy throughout the day and my self-talk. So I dove in deeper. I immersed myself in the world of yoga and mediation and holistic health and re-discovered my home base.

My stress levels dropped, the amount of joy I felt skyrocketed. My recovery periods from injury, from a busy week, from a taxing work out, from an intense training or practice, shortened. I found peace in little things. I found relief, release. I found an enjoyable way of being, of achieving. I found grace. I would loose it and then find it again. I would fall out my routine and recommit. I was in this for the long haul.  I began to feel the difference within and I wanted to see where this could go!

 Well, I am so glad I stayed with it.  After a full recovery from multiple surgeries (shoulder, knee, back) and the anxiety and eating disorder that resulted when my identity as an athlete was shattered – I can say with conviction that holistic nutrition, meditation and yoga saved my life.

Now, each day begins with a sunrise meditation and each day ends with an evening reflection and meditation. This is how I stay on top of my health, my wellness, my goals and my work. I have hard days. Sometimes, my emotions get the better of me. Once in a while I struggle to find my footing and focus with so many ideas running through my head– just like you. But I always come back to my center.

Moments of overwhelming stress and anxiety no longer consume or derail me. They are fleeting moments that I can reorganize and recycle into something useful and purposeful.

I find myself surrounded by inspiration and beauty. All I have to do is breathe and sit still long enough to notice.  I beg you to give yourself the chance to see it too.  If you need a little support reach out! I am passionate about sharing the gift of mediation and know it is not easy! Remember, mediation comes in many forms – so find one that suits you! Reach out and let’s get there together!

buddah on meditatoin .png

Are you ready to make the shift and commit to stillness!?

Why You Should Celebrate Being a Complete Weirdo

I love to work hard, push and achieve and I love my commitment to unconditional self-care.  The moment I decided I was ready to step forward, to own who I was and what I wanted out of life, was an incredible turning point.