Hello incredible people and happy Monday! I know some of us may not be so thrilled that the start of the work week has arrived, but I beg you to reconsider! Downloading from an incredible week at a deep and immersive training at Kripalu with an incredible teacher, I have to admit, I woke up with a pit in my stomach. With so much energy and creative ideas pumping through me, I was frantic as I tried to decide how to move forward, what to do first, how to fit it all in along side the existing responsibilities and massive to do list. I was desperate to make the experience matter!  

As always I found my answer in meditation and - yes - a work out. I sat, turned inward and choose to witness my fear - the fear of not knowing exactly how to make the most of my time, my day, the experience and what to do first with all my ideas and energy.  As we all know it can be difficult to balance our dreams, visions, and pursuits with the current and valid realities, commitments and work.  

But when I came to find my stillness and breath,  I was reminded of the value in taking a few moments to connect my mind and body and allow for the insights to come - the path to unfold. Like clockwork, I was reminded by an angel in the form of an incredible Pilates teacher,  that when I am looking to build better health, more integration and optimize, I have a choice to make. I can take a deep breathe in, find softness and just ask, gently inviting the depth and guidance OR I can rush and tense up and keep running into myself. When confronted with that feeling of paralysis or suffocating overwhelm (good or bad!) the answer is always to find the softness.

Find the breath, come into stillness and ask for the guidance from within. To reach that next level we must be willing to connect with the depth of our heart and soul. Be willing to go inward and invite our truth to the party. Running faster, pushing harder, distracting with "busy" is a sure fire way to get in our own way.  At least is has been for me! By tensing up and keeping our work and lives at a superficial level, we limit our potential and rob ourselves of all the joy that comes from knowing and owning our true power.  As my brilliant teacher reminded me this morning, real work, real depth, should feel luscious. It should feel like just what our body, mind, heart and soul was seeking. So breathe in, find softness and find the articulation (in the body, mind, spirit and heart). 

Breathe in, find softness and articulate in the moment and make it luscious. With each breath be willing to witness how a fear may be holding you back from that delicious and deeply invigorating life. Breathe in and witness the fear and decide to choose again - choose right here, right now, to make this moment, this day matter! No thought, word or deed is too small! The time is now - how will you make today luscious? How will you make it matter!?