Transitions are scary. The unfamiliar is terrifying. In the midst of change and ambiguity, it can be hard to stay calm and trust that things will work out.  I have always believed in the power of sport, in every and any form. Those who know and work with me have heard me repeat the phrase ‘sport is a microcosm for life’ probably too many times.  My relationship with sport, competition and my body has grown and evolved over the years.  That relationship has served me well and caused me pain and I have learned to make it work with me instead of against me. I have learned to love the opportunity to learn through movement, to embody my cognition.  I have come to believe that if we are open, the lessons we need to learn, and those we are here to share, are being given to us, every day.  While on my bike this morning I decided to take a new route and was met with a massive, I mean massive, hill.  With already heavy and tired legs, I began to panic. What if I cannot make it up this hill? What if I fail? What if I am not strong enough? How big is this thing anyway? What is on the other side? I mean really, it was a hill! But when faced with the unknown, on my bike or otherwise, these irrational fears just pop up. It takes work to reprogram those thoughts into IN-Powering messages! 

I began to climb, pushing harder and harder, breathing and panting. I was barely half way up, really struggling when my better self woke up, reminded me to take a breath and check in. I noticed the death grip I had on my handlebars and how that was making it harder to move with the rhythm of the road.  I was trying so hard that I was working against myself – wasting energy on something that was not helping me move forward, or up.   I was gripping so tightly, making the climb even harder. When I reached the top, I was met with the most beautiful view. An open field filled with wild flowers and horses. It was worth every single second of the climb.  But was goes up must come down and in addition to this beautiful view was a huge drop!  I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride!  I began to let gravity take over and quickly felt I was flying out of control. My first instinct was to clutch the handlebars and pump the brakes. Well, this clutching nearly sent me over my handlebars!   When I eased up and just let myself feel the transition and ease into it, unafraid, I felt this overwhelming sense of freedom, of fearless falling, confident that I would come out the other side, and the view would be beautiful.  

In times of transition, in times of change, our first instinct is to clutch. To grab on and grip tightly – try and control everything we possibly can. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. Our self-limiting beliefs can be like a broken record playing in the background, always there to keep us from reaching the top of our hill or launching us over the handles, just when we think we got it figured out.  The trick is checking in and reconnecting with our true self.  Deciding we don't have to try so hard.  We don't have to strive,  we can, instead, be guided.  We can be guided, by gravity, instinct, love, God, the universe, or our IN-Power!  What ever you want to call it.  We can be confident in the transitions and know that the view on the other side will be breathtaking. 

What grip can you release? How will you live fearless and free this Friday!?