I was moved and inspired as I watched an Angel in action today. I sat in awe as I saw pure kindness, compassion and acceptance extend from one person to another. I watched as one teacher displayed epic grace, truly embodying what it means to hold a space of acceptance and love for all that we meet – no matter what the external appearance might suggest. Watching her move, hearing her speak to the students was the most beautiful music as each word echoed with love, gratitude and kindness. I was reminded that there are Angels that walk among us – making small and big acts of kindness towards all humanity, making this world better place. I was thankful to have taken the time to look up from the long to-do list to bear witness. For I was moved, I was changed. My belief in miracles was strengthened. 


When we take the time to look up, breath in and take in what is around us, we might be surprised at the opportunities that exist to make a difference, no matter how small in the world we live in. Perhaps it is offering a supportive sentiment to a teammate, holding the door for a stranger, lending an authentic and compassionate smile to the classmate you pass on the street but have never met.  Maybe it is offering to help someone carry a heavy load. Perhaps it is simply speaking to someone you many have once thought was beneath you, with the understanding that we are equals, we are all but one. If you look up and don’t see any angels walking amongst you, take it upon yourself to be that angel – don't be afraid to glow in the dark. Be the Miracle for someone else and you might be surprised what other Miracles may be offered to you. 

So, there is only one question…Do you believe in Miracles?