At some point, we all experience the weight of the “should shackles”.  Those excuses we repeat in our minds that keep us from connecting to our true selves and owning our authenticity. Those comparisons we make as we try to emulate or live up to expectations that are established by others.  The “should shackles” keep us safely stuck in our self-limiting scripts. “I should look like that. I should be doing this. I should be there. I shouldn’t be here. I should be happy. I should be successful. I should… “ 

By attaching to what we think others want from us, we can avoid turning inward to uncover what is true and unique and brilliant about ourselves. We can hide that which makes us stand out as unique and truly one of a kind. But it is not until we shed our “should shackles” that we can unleash and own our greatest potential.  

When we turn inward and ignite our inner truth we become the most vibrant versions of ourselves. In this space, we are able to truly own our gifts and talents, live our values and love our lives, without hesitation or apology. Form this space, we step into our IN-Power, fully and completely – creating the most wonderful opportunities for ourselves to grow and reach that next level. By letting our IN-Power expand and move through us, we brighten our world and lift those we meet. 

By shedding the “should shackles” we arrive, ready to tackle every challenge, reach every goal, and truly flourish.  We become buoyant with joy and laughter and love for what we do and who we are in each moment. We take small right steps on our path with purpose, passion and conviction. We know that every day we get better and better in every way. 

Ready to shed your “should shackles”? 

Ask yourself these three questions:

What do I value, what are my values?

What are my unique gifts and talents? What is it that only I bring to this world?

What impact do I want to have on my world by offering my unique and authentic gifts?

Take a few moments to answer these questions – without judgment or hesitation. 

Now take your answers and start living your truth.  Remembering that people will take real over perfect everyday of the week! 

What “should shackle” have you shed today?

Live your truth! Live your IN-Power and shine!