True power. Real personal power. It is the art of knowing when to speed up and when to slow down. Knowing when to step on the gas and when to pump the breaks.  Living an authentic life is owning your inner wisdom and knowing when it is time to push forward and charge the hill, and when it is time to rest, to reverse the warrior.  

Reverse Warrior || My Power Pose       Photo Credit: Sierra Asplundh - art by sierra rebecca @sierraarebecca_

A fulfilling and joy filled life is found in the quite moments of honoring the unique rhythm and beat of our own lives.  It can be found when we hit the pause button and sink a little deeper into the present moment. When we give ourselves permission to slow down and take our gaze up, give ourselves permission to bask in the embracing kiss of the sunlight.  

It is easier to get sucked into the race,  to always be focusing on the next step, the next box we want to check, the next credential, meeting or benchmark.  But we run the risk of never fully experiencing all the support and joy that surrounds us. We run the risk of never understanding our full potential and impact or exercising our personal power to make our most meaningful contribution to the present moment.  We put ourselves at risk of burn out, illness and injury, ultimately, undermining our success.

I am the first to admit, the incredibly BASIC excuse of I don't have time …to slow down, to meditate, to exercise, to eat well, to [enter healthy habit here] has reared its ugly head from time to time. But, without fail, I reminded - in one way or another (aka…the box of tissues and fever that sit with me as I write)-  that actually, I don't have time to feel like sh*t!

Getting  back on track with my healthy habits is essential and honoring my body and health is fundamental to success.


No matter what our career choice or lifestyle, the courage and composure to slow down and do less instead of more is hard.  Very hard.  It can be hard to avoid the common clichés of ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘I can sleep when I am dead’ and so on.  Real talk though -  we have but a few short moments here on this earth. Spending it sick, injured or living out someone else’s dream seems like an abuse of that time. We each have something incredibly unique and special that only we can see, hear and feel. It is that lingering call that is echoing constantly at our core. It does not matter what it sounds like or looks like to anyone else – the moments belong to us alone– we decide what we want them to look like, feel like, sound like, taste like.  Day to day the challenge is finding the time to tune in to get acquainted with our inner warrior – our core and true power – that is the real work.   

When we make the bold choice to slow our pace - whether by force or by choice - we find real peace. We find real friends, support, love, compassion and personal growth. We find the people, places and inner space that bring out our best. Our happiest and truest selves.

Take the time – slow down – rest- make brownies just because – look up and take in the sunshine or the design in the clouds, or go stand in the rain – because you won’t melt.  You have nothing to loose, except this moment. Here and now.  When you are having a hard time, felling low vibe, or stuck, just reach out and recruit the support you need some to rest and do less, so you can be more!