Photo: City Hall | Philadelphia - art by sierra rebecca      


Sometimes the simple act of showing up, really and authentically showing up – can be tough. Most of us have learned or even mastered the art of going through the motions, living our lives half asleep and operating on autopilot. We go about our days, weeks, months and even years stuck in our own way. Convincing ourselves of all the reasons why we can’t or that we will be happy when we finally reach that next level, get that job, loose the weight, meet the person, etc.  We have completely surrendered our personal power.

I have lost hours upon hours, months and years in this distorted thought process. I had myself convinced that once I am finally became a certain person, looked a certain way, then I would feel happy, content, satisfied…right? Eh, well…that didn’t go so well. I pushed and pushed, worked and worked, starved my body, mind and spirit – all in the pursuit of what I thought I was ‘supposed’ to be doing. What does that even mean?


I got trapped in the illusion that happiness, contentment and self-acceptance were to be earned, one more I needed to achieve. I was so busy thinking about how to live my life that I was missing the beauty of just living it – the joy of being in the moment – the experiences – the process of life.

Through meditation and yoga, I began to get to know myself.  To recognize how my once highly trained and focused mind had gotten distracted and stuck.  The energy I had once applied to my training as an athlete had no outlet after an injury pushed me to the sidelines and I had to put in the work to get health and back on track.  I committed to a practice and began to be the witness of my thoughts as opposed to their puppet. I cultivated a practice that allowed me create new thought patterns, to connect with the power of a deep breath, to slow things down and get grounded in the present moment – in who I was, instead of who I wasn’t.

When we take the time to connect to the space between the inhale and the exhale, that place of deep personal power, we give ourselves permission to remember our truth and to show up – really show up as ourselves, fully alive in our unique experience.  In that space we connect with the limitless potential, inspiration and energy that sits at our core.  In this space we connect to our dreams and passions and the untethered creativity and capability to immerse ourselves in the eternity of a moment. When we focus on our breath, turn inward and reclaim that space, our personal IN-Power, we make the bold decision to press play on our life.  When we decide to press play and live from our center of pure power and limitless peace and acceptance, we remember that the happiness, joy, love, strength and freedom we seek is a mere breath away.  For many of us, we accidentally hit pause somewhere along the way. Been there. But meditation teaches and reminds us that we are never more than a breath away from the best moment of our lives.

Be bold. Take a deep inhale.  Feel the personal power that sits in that space and exhale to go big. Press play on your life. You only have this moment to gain!