Being here can be hard. Being here can feel like it is nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. Here can feel overwhelming, uninteresting, unimportant or inadequate. Our minds can create a bunch of reasons whey HERE is not where we ‘should’ be. This place, this body, this relationship, this job, this conversation, this silence, this moment – HERE is usually in some way – not enough. Or worse – we take HERE as evidence of our own inadequacy. We resist HERE and label it to keep us safe in the comfort of our discomfort. We resist the moment, the growth, and the transformation that can happen HERE. We miss the power, the beauty and celebration that can be discovered and take place HERE. We miss the gratitude and the blessings that are surrounding us HERE. We miss out on now when we allow our minds to bring us somewhere else – some fictional place that is not HERE.

We allow our minds to wander, to tell stories and fill us with doubt, insecurity, fear, ‘should shackles’ – none of which are real – none of which are HERE. We downplay our own joy, love and light to make others more comfortable and to stay in our stories of why HERE is not good enough, why we aren’t enough.

Use the breath, to bring the mind and heart back HERE. Bask in your heart space. Get grounded, sit into the moment – settle into HERE and make it every bit as beautiful, kind and bright, as you deserve. No matter where HERE is for you – be HERE, fully present – engaged – in your moment – choose to feel fully HERE and now. Choose to feel full, happy, sad, content, energized, excited, still, relaxed, calm, at peace, choose to feel wherever HERE is for you. Be HERE. There is nothing to fear. It’s only life.

When you have trouble – find the people that can call you out of your stories and remind you…that by the way…HERE is everything. HERE is all there is. Celebrate wherever HERE is for you and make no apologies for doing it your way!