We are accustomed to seeking the quick fix. We are addicted to the sugar high and the crash. We want to dive into our feeds and immerse into the experiences of others instead of diving into our own. We feel compelled to measure up, compete and compare to those around us – leaving us scattered and disconnected from our path. We hurry from thing to thing – dabbling in tasks, relationships, work, and projects, nibbling without ever feeling fully satisfied.  We allow ourselves mere tidbits of a moment, and give pieces of our selves, moving on before fully tasting, smelling, enjoying, feeling all that the moment has for us. We wander and forage for meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment.  We seek our place in the world – wondering how we fit, where we truly belong, how we can make an impact and placing our worth and value outside ourselves. We hop from place to place, person to person, snack to snack – nibbling. We hurry to go nowhere, mindlessly and frantically shifting from moment to moment without ever fully investing – without going all in – we are hardcore dabblers, we are all about the nibble.

The world does not need more dabblers. There is no value in being a jack of no trade. The art of finding your highest level of performance, engagement, happiness, and health, the key to loving your life is having the courage to go all in – to dive deep and to fall madly in love with each opportunity to give and receive.  Decide who it is you want to be, how it is you want to be and go for it. Dive deep and have the whole slice of life. Savor the moment. Tune in and connect with the magnitude and the potential that sits right there at the top of that inhale. Tap into your personal power, focus, creativity, intelligence, understanding, compassion and your unstoppable brightness. Allow your exhale to be an explosion of all that you are in this moment. There is no need to shove the food or experiences down as we hurry to the next without every really tasting the joy, pleasure and intimacy of the moment. Be where you are, receive all that the moment has for you as you inhale and exhale to give all of your best self to the moment. Be madly in love with your moment – with who you are and where you are – regardless of the circumstance. Know it is right and by choosing to bring your best self – to dive deep and to give and receive fully– it can only get better.  Why not be awesome!?