What would it feel like to move and act fueled by joy, energy, determination, grit or purpose? What would it be like to not have to wait to be happy or have fun but to just decide to have it right here – right now.  Wait…what?  

I have been sitting with this idea for weeks now, and trying to invite the practice into my work and classes;. Just marinating in and working with many conversations about wanting to change a diet, an exercise routine, a job situation, a calendar, work space, etc. to achieve more desirable results or to fix the ‘problem’.   I feel like I have this kind of conversation constantly – with myself and others! It is so easy to latch on to the piece of us that we feel is not in its proper place – to invest our time on ‘improving ourselves’ instead of just being ourselves. As long as we are fixing whatever problem has captivated our mind space we have a rationale for our lack of contentment, joy, presence or persistence – we have an excuse for why we have not achieved our goals, reached the next level or simply fail to show up as our best selves.   We have become addicted to the fix. There is not shortage of books, magazines and ads that convince us we should look, talk, think, feel (or not feel) a certain way and that we should ‘fix’ anything that does not follow suit – oh and by the way…here is the product, service, book, shirt you need to do it.

What I have discovered over the course of my recovery, my work and my admitted addiction to fixing, is that the more I focused on what I needed to fix – the more I realized all the things I ‘needed’ to fix!  Now, I am all about growth and personal development– believing in my core that we can always be further discovering our best self. But exploration, learning, expansion and persistent pursuit of our best life are not the same as fixing all that is wrong with us. We are dynamic, unique beings and the amount of time we squander focused on what we deem as ‘bad” about ourselves is tragic. I am the first to admit that I have surrendered too many hours to my inner critic.  Focusing on what doesn’t work was an energy drain and confidence killer. 

Through meditation and the guidance of my teachers I work daily to release this attachment to fixing and commit to the art of being – being all of me in each moment. Bringing my self – all of it – the scattered, focused, determined, care free, disciplined, spontaneous, rebellious, compassionate, creative, joyful, emotional and fiery bits to the table. Trusting and knowing that all my experiences are right and perfectly placed- it is not my job to fix – simply to be - to show up and live. MY only charge is to follow my path – to flourish.  My work is to feel fully – MY full spectrum of emotion, to engage my passions and strengths and to commit to a life that feels meaningful and driven by purpose.

There is no right way – no formula – there are techniques and strategies and coaches, teachers and guides that can help us find the unique alchemy that suits our soul.

But life is up to us. It is our story and we get to tell it. So Be an alchemist and focus on emerging, unfolding, blossoming and becoming more of you.  Integrate and design your internal and external spaces - and give yourself permission to release the need to fix. There is nothing to fix. There is only life to live – only moments – mere moment to experience and enjoy.   Do it. Reclaim your personal power and choose to love who you are as you are. Why wait? Why not you? Why not now?