Getting My INPower Play ONNN with the one and only LB

Got a question for you...what is your INPower Play?!

 WTF is a INPower Play?! 

Well, without getting too into the weeds about the rules of hockey (but happy to discuss every last detail if you are interested - I LOVE hockey), the power play is when one team has a clear and distinct advantage over the other. One team has 5 warriors on the ice while the other has 4. Power Play.

So..What is your INPower Play?! What do you do to claim your distinct advantage - your power in the moment. How do you settle into your opportunity, your day and leverage your strengths, skills, talents and energy to score big? 

My daily INPower Plays? People and Presence.

I connect with people who radiate beauty, soulful authenticity and who ignite my heart. I HUG! I Love all up on the people who make my life brighter (shout out to my girl L.B in the pic about #bestdayever) I create space to connect to the presence of the moment. To breathe. To get quiet and still. To restore and recharge. To focus on all that is right and elevate the experience of greatness. I focus on that which is whole and good.  I make space for my IN-Power Play! 

It is my sincere hope that you make time to discover your INPower Play! What makes you feel alive and sexy?! What makes your feel like the unstoppable force of awesomeness that you really are?! 

Need a little INPower Play boost!? Click the link below! A free little 10 minute anytime anywhere reset! 

Tap into your moment, INPower & Thrive!