No matter what stage or level of competition, every athlete experiences the power of the mind. Our minds can either be our greatest allies or adversaries. The mind has the power to enhance or undermine our performance and health- it comes down to self-talk.   IN-Power Health and Performance was born out of a deep passion and desire to ensure athletes, at any stage of competition, have the tools and opportunity to learn to harness their competitive drive, build healthy mind and body connections, reduce stress, and effectively manage their several competing demands. 

By training the mind in conjunction with the body, the IN-Powered Athlete can increase their time spent in a state of “flow”, optimizing performance on and off the field. By enabling athletes to actively manage their physical, mental and emotional health they are IN-Powered to realize their full potential and truly thrive in sport and beyond. 

 IN-Powered Athlete Program: Mind Body Performance Enhancement   

  • Designed on a team or individual basis and tailored to specific needs and work to incorporate the 4 pillars of the IN-Powered Athlete 
    • Strength and Goal Setting
    • Mental Rehearsal and Visualization
    • Positive Self Talk
    • Arousal Regulation
  • Promote health, well-being and optimal performance through mental skill development and stress management
  • Integrates the practice of Restorative Yoga and various forms of meditation