Restore. Embrace. Ignite. Perfrom. 

Live In-Power

Breathe IN, Tune IN, and Ignite your IN-Power! 

Breathe in and light your inner fire for greatness. You have the power to leave the days of burn behind

Bring IN-Power Professional Coaching, Yoga and Meditation to your team, office or group and ignite individual growth, development and wellness to enhance group productivity and vitality! 

IN-Power Mind Body Coaching methods incorporate evidence based techniques for mind and body enhancement that promote a calm, focused, creative and positive mindset for optimal performance, in every arena of life. 

As individuals we are overstressed on a daily basis - physically, mentally and emotionally. This chronic stress results in suboptimal performance and can lead to exhaustion, injury, illness and burn out.  So let's ditch this unnecessary loop of energy depletion and choose again. Aligning the mind and body with integrative techniques has been proven to improve performance and well-being through breath control, stress reduction and personal empowerment.

IN-Power Performance Coaching integrates scientifically proven techniques:

·      Signature strengths and goals coaching

·      Meditation and mindfulness

·      Yoga and Restorative yoga

·      Nutrition and mindset coaching

Harnessing these key competencies will lead to optimal performance and well being, in work, sport and in life. IN-Power Performance Coaching  seeks to prepare individuals for optimal performance and build healthy, happy and successful individuals from the inside out. When each member of the team appreciates their unique strengths and feels the support and freedom to express their best self, engagement increases, productivity skyrockets and the impact is immeasurable.

Igniting personal IN-Power leads to collective transformation and systemic impact. IN-Power Performance Coaching reconnects each participant with their IN-Power so they can empower the world around them! 

IN-Power Performance Program Competencies:  

  • The art of Essentialism: understanding what makes up your essential, most valued life
  • Core Signature Strengths: Identifying and understanding how to utilize your core signature strengths.
  • What we Tell Ourselves About Ourselves: The Importance of Positive Self Talk
  • Single Pointed Focus and Concentration: Finding your flow and discipline
  • Maintaining a Growth Mindset: Establishing the Foundations of an Expansive and Expressive Life
  • Use of Positive Mental Imagery: Mental rehearsal and meditation for Your Best Life
  • Effective Goal Setting: Staying on Track to Bring your Dreams to Life
  • Emotional Regulation: Meditation for Stress Management and Anxiety 
  • Priming the Internal and External environment: Identifying and Eliminating Self Limiting Beliefs while cultivating a supportive environment

See below for more details on services that may suit your specific group or team needs and please feel free to reach me directly here!